I was at 'the starting line', aka one end of the Carretera Austral. The famous route down southern Chile.

After following a couple of others on their adventures early last year and getting a huge dose of wanderlust, I decided that the Carretera Austral (ultimately Patagonia) would be my next cycle touring destination. It looked to have a bit of everything - mountains, greenery and water of varying sorts.

I'd gone all out and bought all of the kit.... and then some! After experimenting with cycle touring, it was time to invest in my own two-wheeled thing of beauty. And the additional bits and bobs needed!

I don't normally name possessions but considering the relationship over the next couple of months, where my bike would be my companion and main mode of transport, it only seemed right.

Now, when coming up with names I realise people generally choose one that screams strong character. But I decided to opt for something a bit different. Named after a certain laugh that only seems to come out with my sister. And when I'm in total silly mode!

So without further ado.... officially introducing Goofs (aka Goofy, Goofster).

Although 2.5 months isn't very long to be away, it's my longest stint away with bike and potentially in some pretty isolated areas. Like any trip, there can be highs & lows and plans can totally change as you go. I know this won't be any different and I'm going to need a reminder sometimes to see the funny side of the lows, be silly and enjoy it, and roll with what comes my way.

I'm excited for my first (and definitely not my last!) trip away with Goofs. Let's start cycling...

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