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"The final border!"

"The final border", the sign proudly said as I rolled into Cochrane (or "last paradise" as another said!). This was the last town until Villa O'Higgins, the official end of the Carretera Austral.

As I spotted the sign, what seems to have become my mantra rang out that little bit louder "ripio, you won't defeat me"! 

Earlier that day, before spotting the sign, I managed to have another collision with the ripio. A steep downhill combined with big stones and sand had won, taking a layer off my arm and my top needing a bit of a mini patch-job too (ripio = losing count; Framps = 0).

I was definitely not becoming a walking advertisement for cycling the Carretera Austral! But, despite the war wounds, the ripio has been good fun and there wasn't much more to go until the end of this stretch.

After getting pointers from cycling geeks once in Cochrane (remember you're not on your road bike for starters!), and armed with additional first aid supplies, surely my mantra would get me to the end... without too many war wounds! 😉

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