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Riding the adventure rollercoaster

"Ow-ow-owwwwweeeeeee", we shouted frequently, like a pair of crazed coyotes, high on endorphins as we cycled up and over an epic mountain pass surrounded by glaciers.

It was my birthday and this day was delivering so far! But up until that morning, it'd been a rollercoaster 24hrs, to say the least!

We'd woken up in what felt like our own enchanted forest, after wild camping just inside a national park. The sun was shining, after a couple of days of rubbish weather, and we were excited at the prospect of hiking to the hanging glacier in Queulat National Park. 

We mooched up the road to the park entrance and were greeted with a sign of 3000 pesos for locals and 5000 for foreigners (nothing like transparency!). The extra few pesos were worth it though. No matter how many glaciers I see in Chile, they blow my mind every time.

After the hike, it was time to set off on our bikes for the day, aiming to cover 30-50km on the ripio before sunset. Unfortunately that plan changed pretty quickly after I had another falling out with the ripio but this time my hand took the brunt of the fall. It seems your hand is pretty useful when cycling (!), and I struggled to carry on.

We found a wild camp spot just down the road, with views of waterfalls and a river, and started setting up camp. Suddenly Nic, my cycling partner in crime, asked what that smell was. It was poo. Human poo! And me and a tent peg had managed to come into contact with it. How, why... did people think it was ok to do their business wherever they felt like, in open spaces?!

I'm not sure if it was the drugs kicking in or what but I wiped myself and the tent clean, multiple times, and crawled into bed. After an eventful day, that started on a high but ended on more of a low (!), I knew that tomorrow would be a new day. 

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