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An unexpected visitor...

It was my last day in Coyhaique and the mini crew of cyclists I'd come to know over the past few days was disbanding, everyone with different deadlines and places to be. Before we did though, a few of us couldn't resist a final visit to what had become our favourite cafe in town. Fueling up on coffee and cake is key before setting off!

I said farewell to Nic, my awesome cycling partner-in-crime, and agreed to meet a couple of others at a wild camp spot that evening. I felt like I'd been off the bike for days yet it had just been a couple while we repaired bikes.

I cycled through what felt like cattle country, with ranches a plenty, and rolling green hills as if back in the U.K. (but this time, with sunshine!). I arrived at the wild camp spot, having picked up a new cyclist that was up for joining us, and everyone else slowly gathered. We spotted a grass section on the other side of the river which would be more out of sight and deliver better views. We navigated the mini footbridge to get there, doing it in two trips as I had to remove my panniers to fit the bike across, making it feel like an adventure-filled camp already.

We started setting up breakfast in the morning and felt a large creature out the corner of our eyes. We'd seen cows when we arrived who seemed to move as soon as they saw us but this wasn't a cow. This was a bull and not about to leave, as we were clearly in the wrong territory! As we slowly walked up the hill to hide, Anton, the new guy, boldly led the bull back the way it came. We quickly packed up camp and decided to have breakfast further up the river where we wouldn't be joined by any big creatures....!

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