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Ahhh....pure luxury

"Where am I?" I semi jumped up in that dazed disoriented state, wondering where on earth I was! I was in a bed. In a room. All to myself.

After cycling in the rain for the best part of four days, and everything fairly wet still, I'd decided to treat myself to a bed.

You'd have thought I hadn't seen a bed in months rather than just a few weeks but this one was so incredibly comfy. Literally felt like I was in heaven! And wahoo, after quickly realising where I was, I had another couple of hours of comfy lushness before the early alarm for the cycle down to the ferry.

As I cycled down to the ferry, I had the roads to myself as no one else seemed to have stirred. The sun was slowly coming up over the mountains and shining an array of light over the water. As the road hugged the water, I felt spoilt getting to enjoy this all to myself and so lucky to be here.

I arrived at the port uncharacteristically early and was greeted with a sign acknowledging the official end to the Carretera Austral, 1,247km.

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